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How to Use a Backlinks Checker to Optimize Your Website

One of the most effective SEO tools available is a backlinks checking tool. It's a tool that provides essential information about every backlink, like it's page ranking, its IP address and any keywords that are relevant to it on other websites. If you utilize a tool for checking backlinks to improve your site, you'll increase it's visibility, and also increase its amount of users. There are many kinds of backlinks checkers you can pick from.


To figure out the number of backlinks your website has, utilize a total backlinks checker. These tools provide the overall backlinks statistics for any website and also include information like the number of backlinks on your site along with the referring domains. InLink ranking score. It is recommended that you include dofollow hyperlinks, since they can boost your ranking on search engines. Dofollow links make it harder for your competition to beat, since they aid in ranking of search engines. Additionally the total amount of backlinks checked by the tool will give the complete view of your website. You can also ensure you have a backlink database that is current because the complete database is refreshed per week for four weeks. In addition dead links are taken off.

While backlinks are essential for the SEO of a website but a tool for checking backlinks isn't a complete solution. It can't tell you if the new backlinks will result in more revenues or traffic. It is also unable to tell whether your efforts to create content are reaching the right people. It's also not able to give you tips for optimizing your content. Furthermore it's not precise enough to determine what keywords require improvement. So, a backlink checking tool is not the best solution to this issue.


Building high-quality backlinks to your site will improve the rank of your website on search engines, and will increase your brand's credibility and recognition. The more relevant your backlinks more likely visitors will click on them, become customers, or sign up for newsletters. This can lead to higher sales and conversions. How do you create good backlinks? This article will explain the best ways to accomplish this. Once you realize the importance of linking back to your website, you'll discover how you can profit from this strategy.

One of the most crucial things to think about when building backlinks is anchor text. The text visible in the link should include your desired keyword. High-quality links usually have keyword-rich anchor text. Making backlinks with these methods is sometimes called "blackhat" link building, and Google offers a filter known as "Penguin" which specifically focuses on anchor text that matches exactly. Whatever method you choose to use to get backlinks, ensure they're natural and relevant.

Backlinks are an integral element of a websites SEO strategy, however they are not in the same way. Certain types of backlinks are more effective and some are more difficult than other. Dofollow links on high-authority websites are the most effective. They let you shine and earn a domain ranking. They're also as valuable as those on sites with low authority. If you find backlinks with high authority even if they're not follow and nofollow, they will benefit you.


If you've ever thought about how to obtain new backlinks, an online tool to check backlinks is a fantastic method of determining which exist already. This tool is free and is a great tool to study the traffic statistics of specific web addresses and backlinks. If you can determine how much traffic a specific link is receiving it will allow you identify which ones you should attempt to emulate.

Another method to obtain new links is to take benefit of damaged links. Broken links are ones that are no longer functioning regardless of whether the website that originated it has deleted the link, or the URL has changed or the site that is linking to is closed or changed. All you need is a tool to check for broken links to spot these and suggest your site as a substitute. This technique is highly effective and is a great way to get backlinks swiftly and efficiently.

There are two primary factors in backlinks: the their quality as well as the quantity. If you have a large number of backlinks, however the content isn't relevant for your field isn't a good decision. Good quality links are stronger than the quantity of them, but If you're only focused on the number of backlinks, it can seriously damage your credibility. Backlinks checkers can assist you to discover relevant links and locate the most effective ones.